Monday, September 29, 2014

Prescribe Burn Update - September 29, 2014

Monday, September 29, 2014

Coo Lake Understory Prescribe Burn 

Fire fighters made good use of the weather window over the past four days and managed good consumption of hazardous fuels on three prescribed burn units. These units will be monitored. As holding action, crews may ignite pockets of unburned fuels within the boundaries so people may continue to see and smell smoke near the burns. Fire managers will continue to watch for opportunities this fall. If warmer, drier weather returns these units may be revisited or other units may be addressed.
  • Coo Lake North, T63N, R13W, S20, is 19 acres, is on a peninsula on the western edge of Burntside Lake. This unit was ignited yesterday. There was good consumption of hazardous fuels. The result of this burn will be a mosaic of species and ages of vegetation with some openings allowing blueberries and pine seedlings to grow. A crew is already on scene today. Pockets of unburned fuel may be ignited over the next several days as holding actions and to complete fuel reduction.
  • Bear Island Island Unit, T61N, R13W, S10, 121 acres, is the large island in the center of Bear Island Lake. This unit was ignited on Friday. Pockets of fuel continued to ignite under stronger winds on Saturday. Firing tactics were designed to protect mature pines in the center and consume hazardous fuels. Some individual torching of pines occurred but pines remain to re-seed the island. Fuel reduction on this island will help to slow or even stop a wildfire from threatening nearby homes. 
  • Pine Ridge Unit, T65N, R16W, S1, 90 acres, is north of the Echo Trail and west of Jeanette Lake. About half of this unit was ignited yesterday before rain swept in, but fire cleaned up some holding lines for future burns.
  • Kangas Burn Unit, T61N, R12W, S14, 99 acres, is south of the Blueberry Lake Road (St. Louis County Road 120) off the Birch Lake Road, south of Little Lake. The purpose of this burn is to re-establish moose habitat. The short window of burning weather forced fire managers to set this unit aside for a future opportunity, perhaps even later this fall if the right weather develops.
 Any one of these sites may be re-visited with a prescribed burn within the next several years to continue clean-up and encourage the comeback of desired species.  For more information, contact Becca Manlove, Information Officer, Kawishiwi Ranger District, 218-365-2093.

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