Friday, April 12, 2013

Why Use an Outfitter?

Are you planning a Boundary Waters Canoe Area adventure this summer? You will make lifetime memories. So why use an outfitter? Simply stated; an outfitter will make your trip much more enjoyable. Your outfitter will customize your route, advise you on techniques to use including choosing and setting up your campsite, preparing your meals, what clothes and fishing tackle to take along and much more.
I know we have done our job when our guests return and say " that was simple." What a great feeling to hear those words and see the "glow of the woods" on their faces.
When planning a BWCA canoe trip you will need:
  • Set the date you want to be on the water, the day you will enter the BWCA
  • Determine an entry point and general route your group will travel. Consult with your outfitter for recommendations
  • Reserve your permit.Your outfitter can do this for you and do it correctly
  • Determine how much outfitting your group will need. Do you need complete or partial outfitting, what type of canoes to use, how will canoes be transported to/from your entry point
  • In case of an emergency who will be your local Ely contact.This is critical for both those on the trip and those at home
Watch for more steps in planning a Boundary Waters adventure
Contact Spirit of the Wilderness Outfitters today to start planning your adventure.
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Monday, April 8, 2013

Trip Packing Tip

When packing liquids and sauces for a canoe or hiking trip, place your container in a plastic bag and seal with a bread wrapper twistie. This will ensure any leaks will be contained in the plastic bag and not spread into your pack.

Liquids we place in a plastic bag included: cooking oil, liquid fuel containers, condiment packets (honey, tartar sauce, ketchup, mustard etc) and even fresh eggs in their carton.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ely MN Press Release Follow up

Press Release
Ely,MN – April 3, 2013
 In the wake of support from around the nation, the small town of Ely, Minnesota is considering extending its ban of social media to include the use of all electronic devices in and around the area.
 Local officials are urging all residents and visitors to this popular town on the edge of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness to put their phones, tablets and notebook computers down.
 “You don’t need Twitter,” one official said. “You can find a hundred forty characters on any street during a typical summer day in Ely. They’re quite friendly.” He added there are over one million acres of wilderness, and hundreds of lakes surrounding Ely, which are better experienced when you’re not looking down at a small screen.
 City officials are not saying what will happen with the hundreds of devices overzealous residents could confiscate over the next several months.
 To learn more about this strange town in the most beautiful part of Minnesota, visit us at Spirit of the Wilderness

Monday, April 1, 2013


      Measure aims to get people outdoors, where the air is clean — and only the birds tweet

ELY, MINN. — April 1, 2013 — Today, the Northern Minnesota town at the end of the road, Ely, Minnesota, has cut off access to social media within its borders. Ely city officials made the decision to ban social media in all its forms — including Friendster, MySpace and Google+ — to encourage visitors to look up from their handheld screens and enjoy the real outdoors.

Unnamed local officials hint the ban may be extended to all electronic devices in and around Ely — the gateway to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW). The area boasts pristine wilderness, crystal clear lakes and small-town charms that one must see to believe, and not just in a YouTube video.
“The only thing online here is a fish. And why would anyone need Pinterest?” says Ross Petersen, Ely’s mayor. “We have a big bulletin board over at the grocery store for that sort of thing. Or the Twitter?  We have at least a hundred forty characters right here, living in Ely. And don’t even get me started on the kids listening to their Zunes.”

Tweeters, posters, pinners, fans and hashtaggers have responded to the news swiftly, posting their reactions to the measure on the internet. However, no one in Ely is countering  — or frankly, even cares. “We’ve got a million acres of exclusive content, and hundreds of sites you can visit — in person,” adds Petersen.
Sales of ink pens and real paper tablets have reportedly spiked in area stores. 

There’s plenty of non-electronic fun in and around the water this summer when you travel to Ely to visit in person. For more information on Ely, named “Coolest Small Town in America” by Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel; and to book a vacation that’s less than four hours from the Twin Cities, please drop by the city, or call Spirit of the Wilderness at 800-950-2709 or 218-365-3149.