Thursday, September 17, 2015

Bears are active right now - Sept 17, 2015

Report from the USFS, Kawishiwi Ranger Station, Ely MN

Bears are really active right now—reports from the old Service Center on Central Avenue in Ely, to the Passi Road on Burntside, to the large island in the South Arm of Knife Lake and even Lakes One and Two.

Now is the time to put bird feeders away, stash any trash in secure buildings, and be extra mindful when camping in the BWCAW. Please remember, coolers are NOT bear resistant containers. Once a bear gets hold of food it will return many times to the same site looking for more food. Save a bear and be stingy with your left overs.

·        The report received from the large island in the South Arm of Knife included tents torn. This is likely a mother bear and cubs who have been pretty active in this area.
·        No specific details on the bear in Lake Two area. It may have damaged a tent.

·        A bear on Lake One got a group’s entire food bag. No information on which site.
Hang your food bag or use a bear resistant food barrel

·        The bear in the Service Center was easily scared away.   The bear on the Passi Road destroyed some bird feeders.