Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Trails are clear and the ticks are here!!

With spring having sprung we're all getting the itch to get out and get moving! Took the dogs on a beautiful hike on the Angleworm hiking trail, north of Ely about 20 miles on the Echo Trail. Let me tell you it was a heck of a work out after hibernating all winter! The terrain is pretty hilly and rocky. So take care not to twist an ankle and wear a good set of sturdy boots. With all the rain this spring the trails are also still soggy and sloppy in some areas. After walking in about 3 miles to the old Angleworm Lookout Tower, the dogs and I settled in for a snack on the edge of a breath taking overlook of the lake.

It was so great to finally see the woods greening back up, tiny crocuses are finally starting to push their way up through the pine duff and into the warm sunshine. I think that all the north woods creatures are just as excited as the people are! On my 6 mile walk I saw deer, wood chuck, king fishers, and even a cow moose. Still a little too early for any baby moose or deer, but they'll be here soon by the looks of their mommas.

Just a reminder, on your way out of the woods be sure to double check yourself, and dogs if you brought them, for the infamous wood tick. I've already found a couple of the creepy crawlers climbing up my pants leg! Ticks or not it was still an absolutely amazing hike and would recommend it to anyone ambitious enough to get out and go!

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