Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hegman Lake Day Trip

It was a perfect day to head out to see the Pictographs on Hegman Lake just north of Ely on the Echo trail. We strapped the canoe on the car and took off. It was a feeling of excitement and contentment to be heading out in a canoe once again.

The portage from the parking lot to the lake was peaceful. I always view it as getting prepared to experience something wonderful. The warm weather brought the comforting smell of the pines. The north woods have this smell that just brings me back to the many BWCA canoe trips that have given me so many wonderful memories. It just seems as though my stresses just melt away and the busier pace of everyday life can be left for the slower paced canoe trip. It helps to clarify my thoughts and recharge my soul.

Once at the waters edge we climbed into the canoe and start gliding away from shore. We paddled a bit, crossed the short portage into North Hegman Lake and headed towards our main destination. We arrived at the familiar rock face. We gaze up and search for the pictographs that can be a bit tricky to find the first time. It really is amazing to be able to take a day trip to see such old art work. We studied the pictographs and took a few photos to remember our day.

The next stop was bog just up the lake. It is always fun to see all the different plants that make the bog their home. As we get to the bog we can see the that pitcher plants are plentiful and red this time of year.
We spent some time exploring the portage at the northern end of Trease Lake. We were hoping to see a few Lady slipper orchids, but we are a bit early. We began our paddle back and found the perfect rock to stop at and take in some sun and a little lunch. We watched a few other groups pass. They all seem to be enjoying the trip as much as we were. After lunch we make our way back to the portage which leads to the parking lot. As we head to the car to begin our entry back into our busy lives we fall quiet reflecting on our beautiful day trip and hope it won't be too long before we can take another trip.

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  1. The adventure to the pictographs on this trip was a great way to relax without a committement to a long excursion. I highly recommend it to both the novice or experienced canoeist!