Friday, May 17, 2013

Quetico Station Openings & Ice Conditions, May 16, 2013

Information and photos supplied by Quetico Park Service

Update May 16.

Information on station opening:
  • May 17, Atikokan Entry, Dawson Trail Entry, and Lac La Croix stations will be open
  • May 18 - Prairie Portage station will be open. The Prairie Portage station will open at 10 am. Self-serve will be available before 10 am.
  • Beaverhouse and Cache Bay stations remain closed until further notice. Updates will be posted when available.
Ice conditions are variable and travel could be limited. There are no penalties for changes/cancellations at this time.

May 16 fly-over:

The photos mainly show ice on the deeper lakes but most of the park is ice-free. Hopefully after the rain this weekend the ice will be gone!
Inlet Bay, Prairie Portage Dock - lower left

Baily Bay, Basswood

    Basswood Lake

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