Friday, April 12, 2013

Why Use an Outfitter?

Are you planning a Boundary Waters Canoe Area adventure this summer? You will make lifetime memories. So why use an outfitter? Simply stated; an outfitter will make your trip much more enjoyable. Your outfitter will customize your route, advise you on techniques to use including choosing and setting up your campsite, preparing your meals, what clothes and fishing tackle to take along and much more.
I know we have done our job when our guests return and say " that was simple." What a great feeling to hear those words and see the "glow of the woods" on their faces.
When planning a BWCA canoe trip you will need:
  • Set the date you want to be on the water, the day you will enter the BWCA
  • Determine an entry point and general route your group will travel. Consult with your outfitter for recommendations
  • Reserve your permit.Your outfitter can do this for you and do it correctly
  • Determine how much outfitting your group will need. Do you need complete or partial outfitting, what type of canoes to use, how will canoes be transported to/from your entry point
  • In case of an emergency who will be your local Ely contact.This is critical for both those on the trip and those at home
Watch for more steps in planning a Boundary Waters adventure
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