Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Ice is out.

We have been enjoying a very early spring up here in Ely, Minnesota. The snow has been gone for a few weeks now. The ice has been out since early this week. There were a few bays that still had some ice as of Monday. After the continuation of our warmer than normal weather I'm sure that most of the ice that was around Monday is gone.

This is the earliest most of us can remember the ice going out in at least a decade. Last year we were hoping for a little warm weather to melt the ice for the fishing opener that was in mid May. We have been getting a few calls from those eager to get out paddling already this year. This is close to a month before last year.

With less snowfall this winter and early melting we are hoping for a little rain. The rain and the great sunshine we have been getting will help the early spring flowers. We are already seeing a few tulips poking through. It shouldn't be long before the trees begin to green up and the summer is in full swing.

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